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myBlend stands out not only for its commitment to holistic beauty but also for its recent success in winning the prestigious 2024 Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award.

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Skin cleansing: Adopt the right habits

Exposed to numerous impurities such as pollution, dust, or sweat, your skin needs to be cleansed at least once a day. Additionally, since it is constantly renewing itself, it’s important for you to be able to opt for a skin cleansing routine capable of removing excess sebum, dead cells, and toxins. What are the right habits to adopt in order to maintain a fresh complexion and radiant skin? How to properly cleanse your face? We answer your questions.

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Ceramides: the key to healthy skin

They safeguard the skin and are now used in the composition of many beauty products. They have a variety of benefits, especially when combined with a “repair” routine that is specially tailored to skin in need of comfort. We explain what they do.  

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