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February 20, 2024

What are the benefits of plant-derived squalane ?

Used in cosmetics for its various properties, plant-derived squalane remains relatively unknown. It particularly stands out in terms of skin hydration and repair. What exactly is squalane ? What are its various benefits for the skin ? In which myBlend products can you enjoy the benefits of plant-derived squalane ? Here’s everything you need to know about this key ingredient.

What is plant-derived squalane ?

Derived from squalene, which is one of the main components of sebum (it represents between 14 and 16% of sebum) produced by your skin, squalane has a molecular structure that makes it an ideal ingredient for the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Liposoluble, it is naturally synthesized by the sebaceous glands. It is found in plants, yeasts, as well as microalgae.

And did you know? Squalane gets its name from being first discovered in the liver of a shark: Squalus mitsukurii. Today, plant-derived squalane can come from various sources such as sugarcane, rice, olive oil, wheat, sugar beet, or amaranth, among others.

It’s worth noting: there are no contraindications to the use of squalane, and no form of interaction with other ingredients is known to date.

What are the benefits of squalane ?

it plays a significant role in hydration

Emollient, squalane helps soften and soothe the skin, while improving its texture and elasticity. When used in cosmetic products such as the myBlend Face Exfoliating Gel-Cream, for example, it helps strengthen the skin barrier, prevents moisture loss, and helps retain skin hydration for longer.

It is suitable for all skin types:

Among the benefits of squalane is its ability to suit almost all skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, or even combination skin. Thus, it regulates sebum in oily skin while providing hydration to combination skin. It also soothes irritations in sensitive skin without causing blackheads.

It has a soothing effect:

For some people with eczema, squalane also has soothing effects. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness, itching, and discomfort associated with such skin conditions.

It is associated with anti-aging properties:

Among the many benefits of squalane are its anti-aging properties. How so? By promoting cell regeneration and repairing the skin barrier, it effectively helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it also protects your skin against free radicals.

It aids in wound healing:

Squalane is also known to accelerate the skin healing process. It can promote the regeneration of skin cells and can be used to treat minor wounds, cuts, or abrasions. It is particularly sought after for people looking to reduce acne scars, for example.

It’s worth noting: plant-derived squalane has the additional advantage of being sourced from sustainable and more ethical sources than squalane extracted from shark liver. An excellent way to take care of your skin while respecting the environment.

myBlend and Plant-Derived Squalane

The plant-derived squalane used by myBlend in its emollient care (INCI name: SQUALANE) is obtained through biotechnology from fermented sugarcane. You can find it notably in flagship products such as the Glow Fluid. In this new generation of complexion enhancer, plant-derived squalane plays a role in nutrition, comfort, and suppleness.

The myBlend Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream also contains plant-derived squalane. It’s a day and night cream formula that includes [Peptides-complex]4P, hyaluronic acids, and fermented turmeric to nourish, protect, and regenerate the skin.

Body products like the Exfoliating Body Gel-Cream for the body also contain plant-derived squalane. It’s a mechanical and enzymatic exfoliating gel-cream for the body, instantly eliminating dead cells, smoothing, and softening the skin texture.