Dry and weakened skin

Malnourished, tired or damaged skin?

Every day, the skin is exposed to various forms of external aggression: climate change, atmospheric pollution, ultraviolet rays, microorganisms, oxidative stress, chemicals and irritants, poor diet, lifestyle…
These external factors lead to a modification of the genes of the skin (epigenetics ) and cause an acceleration of the aging of the skin. Its barrier function is altered: the production of essential lipids in the skin decreases, leading to its weakening, dehydration and vulnerability. Undernourished and dried out, the skin feels tight, peels, loses firmness and density.

In order to repair, rebuild and ensure its protection against epigenetics, it is necessary to provide the skin with specific care concentrated in ceramides and peptides stimulating its natural regeneration.

Intensive repair serum

Highly concentrated in key molecules to be used on an ad hoc basis as a cure to respond to the dysfunction of the cutaneous barrier of damaged skin or over longer periods for an anti-ageing action.

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