“Nerve endings are the key to activating the natural mechanisms that determine the beauty of the skin.”

Dr. Olivier Courtin

Stimulating your natural mechanisms

The skin’s natural qualities must function in perfect symbiosis with our brain. But for them to express their full potential, it is neither the skin nor the brain that must be stimulated. We must act on what connects them: cutaneous nerve endings.

Dr Olivier Courtin intuited this discovery more than twenty years ago. It would be confirmed a few years later through the research of a world-renowned Professor, expert on the skin and nerve endings. And this discovery is now at the heart of the myBlend range.

Concentration. Efficacy. Respect.

How to recognise a myBlend formula?

From its high concentration of active ingredients; to its complete respect for the skin; to its clean formulation. And its effectiveness in naturally transforming and enhancing our skin through three complementary actions: stimulating the vital forces that give skin its energy; strengthening the microbiota and the skin’s natural defences; and precisely targeting the specific needs of each skin.

The power of peptides

Biomimetic peptides are fragments of proteins naturally present in our body. They are bio-assimilable and reactivate our skin’s natural defense and regeneration mechanisms, while being easily tolerated by the skin.

The [Peptid-Complex]4P (exclusive to myBlend) is at the heart of the myBlend skincare routine. This unique combination of four peptides acts on the skin’s sensory receptors to restore their effectiveness: it protects nerve endings, fights oxidative stress and boosts cell proliferation.

The microbiota complex

The skin microbiota is now recognised as our first living line of defence. This flora composed of microorganisms is essential for healthy skin that resists inflammation. myBlend skincare products are equipped with a biotechnology complex that combines fermented turmeric and the marine prebiome to strengthen the skin’s defenses and maintain a healthy microbiota.

The key active molecules

Every skin has its own needs. In the myBlend range, there is a formula for every skin and every need, with expert molecules that have targeted actions, including hyaluronic acids, AHA/BHA, retinol, vitamin C derivatives and more. All provide maximum effectiveness, working precisely where our skin needs it most.