The power of synergies

myBlend is the first global beauty ecosystem combining food supplements, cosmetic skincare formulas and the power of high-tech tools.

The essence of our philosophy

The star product of the myBlend routine, our Essential 4-peptide cream responds to all signs of ageing.

The Essential: the power of peptides

The Revitalizing Cream

All the power of biomimetic peptides combined with hyaluronic acids and fermented curcuma extract in a highly concentrated formula for nourished, smoother, stronger and healthier-looking skin. Clean formula that respects microbiota.







The essence of the brand

myBlend arose from a mission: to provide a personalised response to the expectations of today’s women. Because our vision of beauty is global, we capitalise on the power of synergies – nutri + derma + tech – to provide a new beauty experience. Highly concentrated, uncompromising products that combine effectiveness, sensoriality and respect.

Our commitments

Uncompromising high standards for respect of skin, people and the planet.

Your skin

The planet

The people


Your online skin diagnosis

A high-tech tool developed by our experts to establish your personalised myBlend skincare ritual in just a few minutes.


Your Essential discovery offer

myBlend is pleased to offer you a free Beauty Ritual Kit* with any purchase of an Essential skincare product. More

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