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Discover the power of high-tech tools and their ultimate effectiveness on your skin.

4-peptide cream

Exceptional anti-ageing day and night care, highly concentrated with peptides and hyaluronic acids for a perfectly plumped, firm and smooth, radiant youth skin.

The Essential: the power of peptides

The Revitalizing Cream

All the power of biomimetic peptides combined with hyaluronic acids and fermented curcuma extract in a highly concentrated formula for nourished, smoother, stronger and healthier-looking skin. Clean formula that respects microbiota.







The essence of the brand

myBlend arose from a mission: to provide a personalised response to the expectations of today’s women. Because our vision of beauty is global, we capitalise on the power of synergies – nutri + derma + tech – to provide a new beauty experience. Highly concentrated, uncompromising products that combine effectiveness, sensoriality and respect.

The best of beauty-tech

Our commitments

Uncompromising high standards for respect of skin, people and the planet.

Your skin

The planet

The people

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In the Marais neighbourhood

La Maison myBlend invites you to experience the future of beauty in a rejuvenating environment


Experience the regenerating power of red light for instantly visible results and receive the gift of your bespoke routine. More

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