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June 5 2024

Which beauty routine for summer?

Summer is a season of relaxation, long walks, and of course, enjoying the sunshine. However, for your skin, this time of year can bring stress and aggression. To maintain its beauty and health, we present all the myBlend products that will accompany you everywhere, protecting, hydrating, and repairing your skin throughout the summer season.

Sun Protection: The Foundation of Every Summer Routine

The sun, while beneficial for morale and vitamin D production, can be a formidable enemy for our skin. UV rays, in particular, are responsible for oxidative stress. They damage skin cells, causing issues such as collagen and elastin degradation, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. Adequate sun protection is essential throughout summer to effectively shield your skin.

The Essential myBlend Product

Hydrating Antioxidant Screen: This SPF 50 face sunscreen is a must-have all summer long. Combining pollution-fighting actives, blue light defense, and UV filters, this multifunctional hydrating screen protects your skin from environmental stressors while preserving its beauty and youthfulness.

Hydration: Your Ally Throughout Summer

Sun exposure and outdoor activities can dehydrate your skin. Proper hydration is essential to maintain elasticity and suppleness.

The Essential myBlend Product

Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Cream: An exceptional anti-aging treatment that diminishes all signs of aging. This day and night cream formula is highly concentrated with [Peptides-complex]4P, hyaluronic acids, and fermented turmeric to nourish, protect, and regenerate your skin.

Repair and Soothing: Don’t Neglect Post-Sun Care

Even with adequate protection, your skin may suffer after a day in the sun. Post-sun care is crucial to soothe and repair potential skin damage.

The Essential myBlend Product

myLEDmask est un masque LED à l’efficacité prouvée qui apaise les coups de soleil et favorise la régénération de la peau. Dès un mois d’utilisation myLEDmask, la structure du derme s’épaissit, se densifie, ce qui traduit la régénération augmentée de la peau. Cette évolution indique que, sous l’effet de myLEDmask, le derme de la peau retrouve des propriétés structurelles observées trois ans plus tôt. N’hésitez pas à compléter son utilisation avec la Crème régénérante anti-âge.

myLEDmask is a clinically proven LED mask that soothes sunburns and promotes skin regeneration. After a month of use, myLEDmask thickens and densifies dermal structure, indicating enhanced skin regeneration. Enhance its benefits with the Revitalizing Anti-Ageing Cream.

A Specific Routine with myBlend Products Tailored to Every Need

Summer can bring skin issues such as summer acne, dryness, or pigmentation spots. It’s crucial to choose products tailored to your specific needs during this season.

The Essential myBlend Product

Superserum Recovery: Repairs skin within 24 hours with its high concentration of ceramides. This restructuring concentrate combines pro-vitamin B5 1.1%, Imureline peptide, and ceramides to strengthen the hydrolipidic film and barrier function of dry, very dry, irritated, or externally stressed skin.
For a radiant complexion, Glow Fluid illuminates naturally tanned skin. This fine, light emulsion reveals facial highlights and enhances the natural radiance of the skin with its blend of pink and white interference pearls.

Good Nutrition: Inside and Out

Your entire body’s skin needs nourishment during summer, as beyond sunlight, it can be weakened by salt, chlorine… and quickly dry. Skin beauty is also obtained through a good diet, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which helps fight oxidative stress.

  • Consume colorful fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain proper hydration for your skin.

The Essential myBlend Product

Use products like the Universal Nourishing Oil, which can be applied to the face and body. Made from organic camellia and sweet almond oils, it provides nourishment, suppleness, and radiance to your skin.

Remember: adopting a beauty routine tailored to summer is essential to preserve your skin. By following these tips, you can fully enjoy the summer season while taking care of your skin. Protection, hydration, repair: myBlend products effectively accompany you throughout the year, including summer. Enjoy the sunshine with peace of mind and maintain radiant, healthy skin.