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Our skin is the mirror of our health. To better understand it and treat it, we need to be aware of its condition and needs. Discover mySkinDiag, the personalised online skin diagnosis that takes less than a minute.

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Skin diagnosis: photo capture

mySkinDiag’s automatic photo capture detects and analyses 11 key skin signs on your face. Behind this, OTSTC’s technology which benefits of more than 25 years of research in dermatology, imaging and artificial intelligence. The OTSTC database includes over a million photos of subjects of all ages and walks of life. These shots were previously analysed by a panel of beauty experts.

Skin diagnosis: Lifestyle questionnaire

Each of us has our unique skin and unique lifestyle. We have made no compromises: mySkinDiag is the only online skin diagnosis that, in addition to an analysis of your skin signs, takes your lifestyle into account through a series of questions.

Skin diagnosis: Wholly in tune with women and men who want real results

The skin is a living organism that evolves with the seasons, with time and with the environment. It needs products that are carefully tailored and selected with expert scientific monitoring.

The development of a unique algorithm coupled with a rigorous evaluation of the cutaneous bioenvironment makes mySkinDiag an extremely precise, high-technology tool.

The photo capture and data are used only for accurately conducting the online skin diagnosis. They are not stored and will be deleted as soon as the results are displayed.

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