History & Philosophy

The origins

“Each skin has sufficient potential to regenerate and repair its cells provided that its neuroimmune system functions well.”
Dr Olivier Courtin.

In 2007, after many years of practice, Dr Olivier Courtin observed that the healing of his patients’ skin depended less on their age than on their lifestyle. Diet, exercise, sleep, emotional states and environment appeared to be the key factors in skin’s regeneration. In parallel, the surgeon worked with peptides, chains composed of amino acids, fundamental elements of our body’s proteins that have the ability to revive or stimulate the natural mechanisms already present within each of us.

Dr Courtin, convinced that our environment and lifestyle are the leading factors in the ageing of our skin and that our body contains its own regenerative capacities, decided to create a new tailor-made beauty brand.

He began by recruiting a team of specialists to design a new comprehensive beauty ritual and skincare formulas and treatments with maximum effectiveness. Dermatologists with expertise in communication between the skin and nerve cells, laser-therapy specialists, a dermo-nutritionist, a facialist and cosmetics professionals agreed not to choose between key molecules and natural super-ingredients, but instead to source excellence in every domain and incorporate the highest concentrations tolerated by the skin into each formula. Together, they invented myBlend cosmetics for a new high-end, personalised, authentic and responsible beauty.

A new vision of beauty

“My objective is to provide women with the most effective, virtuous and respectful solution to achieve well-being and visibly transformed skin quality in complete safety.”
Dr Olivier Courtin.

This quest for skincare with maximum effectiveness led to the birth of myBlend, a personalised beauty ecosystem that stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms: a comprehensive solution combining nutri-cosmetics to target the skin from the inside, derma-cosmetics to nourish and correct skin from the outside, and high-tech devices to optimise the formulas’ results. These three pillars form the foundation of the brand and work in synergy, with uncompromising high standards in quality, effectiveness and safety for skin that is stronger, healthier, more beautiful and more radiant.


Nutri + Derma + Tech

By capitalizing on the power of synergies, myBlend is the first global beauty ecosystem combining food supplements + cosmetic skincare + the best of beauty tech.
With one promise: “Concentration. Efficacy. Respect.”


Our skin is the mirror of our health, drawing its appearance and strength from deep within us.

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Highly concentrated, pleasurable skincare formulas that never compromise between effectiveness and safety, sensorial quality and clean beauty.

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myBlend leverages leading-edge, non-invasive technologies to generate breakthrough beauty experiences.

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Which way should I choose…

Between being the best and feeling better? Between my inner beauty and the strength of my skin?
Between high efficacy of the result and high respect in the making?
Between the power of nature and the feat of technology?
Between what I have always been and what I become?
A woman’s beauty is not in between.

There’s another way to experience beauty.
A more virtuous way with no compromise. Mine.

My way. My Beauty. My Blend

“My goal is to offer women the most effective, virtuous and respectful solution for achieving well-being and visibly transformed skin quality in complete safety.”

Dr Olivier Courtin