Spa philosophy

myBlend synergistic treatments

The efficacy of myBlend spa treatments comes from the perfect combination of highly concentrated formulas, deep modelling and advanced technologies in a skin-centred approach that offers “Beauty, Well-Being, Innovation”. An ideal balance of complementary expertise to go beyond traditional cosmetics, ensuring exceptional results on the skin and restorative well-being.

Our energising and harmonising techniques developed with manual therapist expert Chantal Lehmann – an expert in manual lifting – associated with the power of LED energies, temperature variations and microcurrents, deeply stimulate the skin’s natural mechanisms, leading to its own regeneration.

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The power of synergies

Formulas + modelling + tech

Tailor-made treatment

Because you are unique and your needs differ depending on where you are in your life, your mood and your environment, all our treatments are personalised.

To best meet your needs, our treatments are developed based on a digital diagnosis of your skin and in-depth dialogue with our experts. The products and technologies are selected for you alone, the manual techniques are adapted to your skin’s emotion and the treatment length is determined by the time you have available.


“Touch meets technology”



“Deep Modelling”

In a holistic signature unique to myBlend, the harmonising of body and mind serves as a prelude to each of our treatments.

During a face treatment, our relaxing, rejuvenating face massages encompass the face and head, but also the neck, home to a great many energy zones. Our body massages can be energising, with a powerful, rhythmic touch, or harmonising, with slow, deep manoeuvres. And, to ensure that each treatment is a journey into your very core, all the textures are carefully worked, warmed, massaged and smoothed on, enveloping the body and mind in gentleness and relaxation. The stomach, an area that is hypersensitive to stress and wholly connected to the cerebral system, is a central element of our treatments. For complete relief, we pay particular attention to the abdomen through a set of vibrations, gentle mobilisations and rocking movements.

State-of-the-art, non-invasive technology

Our cutting-edge myBlend technology is a selection of painless and non-invasive techniques that have been proven effective and safe.

Each woman can enjoy her own tailor-made treatment combining the appropriate instrumental cosmetics from a range of high-performance technologies: LED mask, radiofrequency, electrostimulation, thermo-aesthetics, electroporation*. Through the power of LED energies, temperature variations and microcurrents, our treatments deeply stimulate the cells and revive the skin’s natural mechanisms: the guarantee of long-term effectiveness with the satisfaction of instantly visible results.

* See glossary

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