For immediate, non-invasive efficacy

LED, cryo, ultrasound and micro-current energies – myBlend leverages leading-edge, non-invasive technologies to generate breakthrough beauty experiences.

At home: the power of light at your fingertips

We have developed the first wireless and inclusive LED mask to be used at home. Identical to the one we use in our institutes, it is ultra-powerful, easy to use, non-invasive and gives visible results in just a few sessions. Its stimulating light action combines near pulsed infrared and red light to stimulate fibroblasts, the key cells in youthful skin, and increase collagen and elastin production for visibly firmer, more radiant skin with a smoother, finer texture. The mask’s mesh is an exclusive innovation, closely fitting the contours of the face and neck for optimal results.

At myBlend: the power of touch reinforced by cutting-edge technologies

In our spas, enjoy an innovative experience that combines the power of touch with the effectiveness of instrumental cosmetics. Electrostimulation, photobiomodulation, cryotherapy and radiofrequency: our experts combine the best in non-invasive technology with myBlend expertise to craft tailor-made protocols and deliver immediate, visible results.

LED Mask


The ultimate cosmetic beauty experience made possible through the power of light with the LED face & neck mask.

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