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May 29, 2024


Discover how to adopt the no makeup look with myBlend skincare. Choose between a glowy or matte complexion, for a natural beauty effect day after day.

No makeup skincare marks a turning point in our daily beauty routines, with its minimalist approach and emphasis on naturalness. This trend focuses on transparency, allowing the skin to breathe without being covered by layers of makeup. It also promotes products that subtly enhance the complexion while caring for your skin. With the Glow Fluid and the Mattifying Veil, myBlend satisfies the desire for a luminous, natural glow and matte finish.

The no makeup skincare phenomenon

The phenomenon of no makeup skincare is on the rise in the beauty world. And indeed, the benefits of a minimalist routine are numerous: it simplifies your daily ritual, reduces the risk of irritation from a buildup of concealing products, and improves the quality of your skin over time. In fact, no makeup skincare favors multifunctional products that moisturise, protect and enhance the skin while supporting its natural ecosystem.

myBlend and no makeup skincare with the Glow Fluid

myBlend Glow Fluid is a real revolution if you want to achieve a luminous complexion while caring for your skin. As a complexion illuminator, it contains a blend of light-reflecting pink and white pearlescent pigment that capture light to deliver a subtle, natural radiance. Its emulsion formula is enriched with radiance peptide to revive the complexion’s radiance and evenness. And did you know? This airy, fine-textured skincare product doesn’t just light up your face: it moisturizes and protects your skin from oxidation, while supporting the cutaneous barrier and microbiota, thanks to ingredients carefully selected for their efficacy and gentleness.


Start with your usual moisturizer. Once it is absorbed, apply a small amount of myBlend Glow Fluid to the areas you wish to highlight, such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and top of the lips, as well as over the entire face. Gently pat the product into the skin with your fingers. Glow Fluid can be used alone for a very natural effect or under a powder to set the radiance.

Discover the many powers of Mattifying Veil for your skin

The latest myblend innovation, the Mattifying Veil has been specially designed for those who prefer a matte finish. It allows you to control your skin’s shine, while enjoying the benefits of skincare. Its unique formula not only mattifies the skin, but also treats it with ingredients that maintain moisture without adding oiliness. It helps regulate sebum production, reduces the appearance of pores and ensures an even, shine-free complexion, for a flawless look every time.

And because it has so many advantages, the Mattifying Veil can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As a daily care product, it is applied after cleansing to create a matte base.
  • Used as a makeup base, it prepares the skin by creating a smooth, even canvas that extends makeup wear throughout the day.
  • As a finishing touch, it sets your daily skincare products and eliminates unwanted shine.
  • For touch-ups, a light application refreshes the complexion and absorbs excess sebum, making it ideal for a quick midday touch-up.

Should I choose a glowy or matte finish ?

Choosing between a glowy and a matte finish for your no makeup skincare routine depends mainly on your skin type and what you expect from the finish. Dry skin will prefer a glowy finish like the one offered by the Glow Fluid for a more luminous complexion. On the other hand, if your skin is oily or prone to shine, you will likely opt for the Mattifying Veil, which controls excess sebum and provides a smoother, matte finish.”

And remember: the seasons can change everything. In the warmer months, a matte finish is often preferred to keep makeup looking perfect for longer. In the evening, or during the colder months, why not opt for a glowy effect? You’ll add light and warmth to your skin.