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January 26th 2024

From laboratory to high-tech beauty incubator

From integrated R&D and exceptional scientific collaborations to total control over the production of products – from their conception to commercialization, including raw material sourcing – we invite you behind the scenes of the most high-tech dermo-cosmetic brand.

MyBlend was born from the visionary outlook of a man, a doctor passionate about science and research, Dr Olivier Courtin. His mission? To provide women with cutting-edge cosmetic and dermatological solutions, allowing them to reclaim control over time and enhance their beauty. To achieve this, the brand has developed unique expertise in France, right at the heart of a laboratory dedicated to fundamental research and innovation.

A laboratory at the forefront of avant-garde R&D / Partnerships with beauty tech companies

Proud to be part of the Clarins Group, myBlend benefits firsthand from the expertise and research capabilities of the Clarins laboratories, developed under the leadership of Dr. Olivier Courtin, CEO of the Clarins Group and son of its founder.

Driven by continuous innovation, myBlend relies on an integrated Cell Biology Laboratory within the Clarins group, which constantly works to better understand the skin, its physiological mechanisms, its adversaries, and most importantly, its aging process. In total, over 70 years of scientific work make Clarins-myBlend Research arguably the most expert in fibroblasts, the key cells for youthful skin.

In his modern vision of beauty, Dr. Olivier Courtin goes further by exploring the skin’s healing capabilities. The main focus of myBlend Research? Epigenetics, the science that studies the impact of our environment on the expression of our genes. This science reveals that only 15% of our overall aging results from the intrinsic evolution of our genes, while 85% is directly induced by our lifestyle and environment. And this also applies to our skin !

Another collaboration is established with a dermatologist specializing in photobiomodulation. Thanks to his knowledge of the benefits of LED light, the brand has developed its most advanced tool, the LED mask with red and infrared lights, the ultimate High-Tech holistic beauty experience. A scientific approach to beauty, integrated R&D connected with an expanded scientific environment, and exclusive high tech partnerships make myBlend one of the most innovative and expert dermo-cosmetic brands.

Formulas dedicated to effectiveness /
Innovative and high-performance active ingredients

At the forefront of science, myBlend combines the art of formulation by leveraging dedicated laboratories for the development of its skincare products.

Firstly, the teams at the Active Laboratory select the best ingredients. The Phytochemistry Laboratory works upstream to identify within plants the molecules that will be effective on the skin. This is how purified plant extracts or those enhanced by biotechnology are developed, such as fermented turmeric extract, the flagship active ingredient benefiting from an innovative fermentation process that multiplies the antioxidant powers of the original raw extract. Plant actives are also combined with reference molecules, scientifically validated in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, such as the brand’s signature peptides and its hyaluronic acid complex.

Effectiveness, concentration, but also respect. Respect for the skin and respect for humanity. Each active ingredient, each raw material undergoes rigorous validation by the Toxicology Laboratory, where safety is paramount. Beyond regulations that outright ban certain compounds, myBlend excludes, from its formulation specifications, 17 controversial substances.

Proven effectiveness for “products that do what they say”

Such was the motto of the Dr. Olivier Courtin: “Say what you do, and do what you say.” The products resulting from myBlend Research adhere to this principle. Thus, after the formulation stage, comes the evaluation stage.

To prove the effectiveness of the products, the Evaluation Laboratory teams utilize various types of tests.

Clinical tests provide a precise and quantitative scientific approach, leaving no room for subjectivity or doubt. In vitro clinical tests are conducted on skin explants representative of living skin, while in vivo, effectiveness is assessed on a panel of consumers. Measuring the depth of a wrinkle, quantifying the firmness and density of the skin, evaluating the intensity of a pigment spot, or even the radiance and brightness of the complexion…

Evaluation is also qualitative with the study of perceived effectiveness. This is what women see on their faces and feel. Thus, all myBlend products are tested by women. Sensory aspects are not overlooked either. Because the pleasure of application on the skin is one of the pillars of the brand, the quality of textures is meticulously evaluated by the house’s sensory analysis experts, even before being submitted to the opinions of women.”

Sustainable innovation for skincare tailored to all skin types

Always concerned about its environmental impact, myBlend instills a responsible approach throughout all its activities. Thus, the skincare benefits from a 360° sustainable approach.

On the ingredient front, myBlend focuses precisely on sourcing and traceability with a controlled, responsible, and transparent approach. This includes 90% of ingredients of natural origin, 61% of ingredients originating from Europe, and 18% from France, with formulation and production 100% made in France.

For packaging, preference is given to easily recyclable materials such as glass (25% PCR – Post Consumer Recycling), PP plastic, and aluminum. The boxes are made of raw and recyclable cardboard.

Finally, in the Laboratories, the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications attest to the group’s commitment to improving its environmental and energy performance.”

Mastering a unique dermo-cosmetic expertise derived from science and technology, from fundamental research to formulations, myBlend establishes itself as an expert in holistic beauty. Through its holistic vision, the brand goes beyond external well-being alone and also explores the importance of interiority as a source of beauty. With its range of dietary supplements, myBlend takes its expertise further, creating a true ecosystem where beauty and health are integrated into a scientific, high-end, personalized, and global approach, always with a sense of responsibility.