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March 5, 2024

Pioneering Cosmetic Innovation and Winner of the 2024 Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award

In a constantly evolving cosmetic landscape, where technological advancements align with the growing demands of consumers, brands that push the boundaries of innovation emerge. Among these, myBlend stands out not only for its commitment to holistic beauty but also for its recent success in winning the prestigious 2024 Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award.

myBlend, the fusion of expertise and technological advancements

Built on a unique vision of beauty, myBlend combines scientific expertise with the latest technological advancements to provide its customers with an exceptional skincare experience. Leading this visionary enterprise is Dr. Olivier Courtin, who is convinced that skin health depends as much on the quality of cosmetic formulas as it does on lifestyle and epigenetics. He has created a brand that transcends traditional expectations.

A range of personalized skincare for every skin type

At the core of myBlend’s approach lies the belief that each individual is unique, and so should be their skincare routine. That’s why the brand offers a comprehensive range of highly customizable products, tailored to every skin type and specific need. From food supplements to cosmetics, and innovative technologies like the myLEDmask, each product is designed to precisely and effectively address the individual needs of every customer.

Credits : Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Awards Ceremony 2024, Guimet Museum – January 30, 2024 – Olivier Courtin (founder of myBlend) surrounded by Emmanuelle Lannes (Beauty Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan) and Aurélie Lambillon (Beauty Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire and jury president)

2024 Beauty Excellence Award, a testament to innovative holistic approach

The 2024 Beauty Excellence Award presented by Marie Claire crowns this innovative approach and reflects myBlend’s significant impact on the cosmetics industry. Among dozens of new products tested by a jury composed of leading beauty journalists, myBlend stood out for its commitment to innovation, quality, and effectiveness of its products.

The jury members unanimously praised myBlend’s comprehensive approach, which integrates both cosmetic and nutritional solutions to promote healthy and radiant skin. According to Béatrice Thivend-Grignola from Gala, myBlend offers “a uniquely exceptional skincare experience,” while Fabienne Lagoarde, beauty editor, highlights that “each product brings a real enhancement to any routine.

Virginie de Tarlé from Femme Actuelle also praised the holistic approach of the brand, stating that myBlend is “a brand designed from every angle.” Lastly, Justine Vos from Voici observed that myBlend represents “the intersection of dermatology, nutrition, and technology.”

This prestigious award solidifies myBlend’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing its customers with an exceptional beauty experience, in harmony with their needs and expectations. By receiving the 2024 Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award, myBlend reaffirms its position in the cosmetics industry and promises to continue inspiring and delighting beauty enthusiasts.