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October 12th, 2022

The secrets of well
-hydrated skin

Does your skin feel tight? Has it lost its softness? Do you suffer from strange sensations of discomfort? These symptoms are often a sign of skin dryness or dehydration… But the good news is that there are solutions to remedy these concerns. Let’s start by taking a look at the cause(s), then we’ll reveal all the secrets to velvety, dewy skin.

What causes this feeling of tightness?

Because it is ultra-sensitive to its environment, the skin can become temporarily dehydrated after being exposed to the sun, cold temperatures, air conditioning, and even pollution. And this lack of water causes dryness. In contrast, naturally dry skin struggles to produce fatty substances.

In both cases, the hydrolipidic film (water + lipids) is thrown off balance. Its natural shield is weakened, so your epidermis requires a little care and attention to help it rebuild its protective barrier.

What’s the best way to get well-hydrated skin?

Whether it’s dry or thirsty, your skin needs to be both quenched and nourished. With suitable skincare and the right application techniques, it will very quickly regain all its suppleness and tightness will be a thing of the past!

Be gentle

While it’s essential to cleanse your skin every day, avoid products with aggressive formulas that “strip” the skin and dry out the epidermis. Instead, go for skincare with a neutral pH and no sulphates, products that respect its hydrolipidic film… and the planet too. Another thing to watch out for: make sure your shower or bath isn’t too hot (another way to protect the environment) because heat can also weaken the precious protective layer.

Load up with water!

Go for the champion of hydration: hyaluronic acid. This “sponge” molecule retains 1,000 times its weight in water while plumping the skin. How often is enough? Every day, morning and evening! And at least once a week, immerse your skin in a pool of hydrating wellness with a cream or hydrogel mask.

Hydrate it naturally

Drink water regularly throughout the day… And if you drink a glass of wine, counterbalance it with at least two glasses of water. In fact, alcohol is a powerful “dehydrator” that can dry out your skin. Also make sure you have plenty of room on your plate for foods containing lots of water such as fruit and vegetables: it’s a great way to stock up on freshness and vitamins!

Don’t hold back on high-fat foods

But only those that contain essential fatty acids, such as flax and hemp seeds, or linseed or rapeseed oils. Also stock up on foods that contain plenty of omega 3: salmon, sardines, mackerel, and herring are great tasty and nutritious choices for their benefits to health generally, but they also help keep the skin supple and luminous.

Protect your skin from inside

Look after your gut and skin microbiota: they are working on the front lines to fight external aggression and keep your skin healthy and well. These micro-organisms provide your body with the prebiotics and/or probiotics it needs to work properly.

Choose creams that are rich in vitamins C and A: their antioxidants strengthen your skin’s natural defences, just like “plant superfoods”: goji berries, tea, paprika and turmeric.

Step up your vitamin E intake: it dissolves in fat and has natural antioxidant properties. Found in dried fruit and even rapeseed, almond or sea buckthorn oils, it also makes your recipes taste great and gives your skin a beautiful boost!