September 7th, 2022

constance arnoult

A dancer, an actress and an entrepreneur.

Life story

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

CONSTANCE ARNOULT. I’m trained as a dancer, but I’m also an actress, and an entrepreneur. I’m curious about everything, and always looking for ways to improve and work on myself.

After training in classical ballet and studying literature, I shifted my focus to two areas that inspire me a little more every day: the acting profession on the stage that I love so much, and the creation and development of L’éloge. I co-founded this project with my lifelong friend, Anaëlle Malka, a talented dancer, a brilliant entrepreneur and a graduate of ESCP Business School. Our cultural media project has been in existence for just over a year. There are now four of us developing this form of media, and our aim is to present culture in a fresher and more accessible way to all curious neophytes who are looking for something new.

I find inspiration in the encounters I make every day, in our constantly changing world, the small joys of everyday life, the fire in my heart, as well as the difficulties that arise in my day-to-day business. I believe that people should always be changing, questioning themselves, when they fail, while they work, while doing what they love, in self-sacrifice, beauty, cycles, I believe in a right time for everything, in meetings, in words and encounters that can change how we see the world.

Is there a turning point in your life that made you the woman you are today?

C.A. I think the pivotal moment is now. I’m not sure I can express it precisely, because I’m still going through so much internal transition.

I have felt a great need for a paradigm shift over the past few months. The values, the desires, the dreams, and the roles into which I was confined every day, as a woman and as an individual with a certain visibility on social media, ended up suffocating me.

It’s “permanent shape-shifting”. When I discovered the works of writers such as Mona Chollet and Virginie Despentes, I really felt the changes happening. There were times when I made some radical decisions, times when doubt would consume me whole. But I’m very happy that life is a constant river of movement, that I have new interests, that I feel my tastes becoming more established and my confidence growing.

What is your greatest pride?

C.A. To have overcome painful failures and later realising that those paths were simply not right for me.

What is a typical day like for you?

C.A. My days revolve around acting classes, auditions, filming, editing, writing for L’éloge, and live performances.

What is your current project?

C.A. I’m discovering what it means to be an actress and I’m developing L’éloge so that we can work with exceptional institutions such as the Opéra de Paris, the Comédie Française and the Philharmonie de Paris orchestra.

A leitmotif/mantra in life?

C.A. “À vaincre sans péril on triomphe sans gloire.” It means “Triumph without peril brings no glory” and it is a quote from Le Cid by the French dramatist Corneille. People often feel less pride taking easier roads.

Beauty and well-being

How did you build your relationship with beauty/well-being?

C.A. It has probably changed a lot as well. I have always been fascinated by wellness rituals and the best ways to take good care of myself, my body and my skin. I’ve used a lot of products, maybe even overused some, and I’ve now come back to a much simpler and more effective approach.

How do you take care of yourself today? What are your moments just for you?

C.A. I do self-care by learning to listen to myself much more. I’m learning to say no, to set boundaries and to spend time doing the things that really matter to me.

A few years ago, I was terrified of the idea of spending time alone, now when I’m alone it’s probably the time when I recharge my batteries the most. For example, I love getting up really early and going for a run in a new city at dawn, alone with my music, my thoughts and my trainers, pacing along empty streets.

What advice would you give to feel good about yourself?

C.A. Learn to listen to yourself and do exactly what you want and what seems right to you.

The beauty of the future in 3 words for you?

C.A. Natural, global and minimalist.

Routines and skin care

What is your daily routine?

C.A. I try to get as much exercise as possible, and to be as regular as I can with my skincare routines, even though they are very simple (make-up removal/hydration) and I try to protect myself from the sun (much more than I did a few years ago!)

Any beauty tips you wish you had known when you were younger?

C.A. Be careful in the sun and massage your face regularly with a roll-on to promote blood circulation.

Your must-haves: The product(s) you would take to a desert island?

C.A. A moisturiser and a roll-on.

>Your favorite myBlend product(s)?

C.A. The serum and moisturiser that I use every day.

& finally

Your job puts your skin under a lot of strain (make-up, cameras, performances), what impact does that have on your beauty routine?

C.A. My skin is often very stressed when I’m filming. I wear much less make-up than I used to, so my skin can breathe when I’m not so busy. I also try to apply scrubs and masks regularly.