Firmness Roller: the face massage roller


Firming face massage roller.

Skin types: All skin types.


A daily face massage roller to firm the skin. The roller’s two rotating heads, each with round Bakelite beads, delivers twofold massage action for a more relaxing experience.

Over time, the facial features appear re-energized, and the skin replumped.


Smoothed & relaxed features
Plumped skin

How to use

The firming massage roller can be used everywhere on the face:
facial contours, chin, cheeks, glabella (between the eyebrows), crow’s feet and neckline before applying the Essential care.

  • Move roller back and forth over the desired area, working outwards from the centre.
  • Press lightly to reinforce the massaging and draining action of the Bakelite beads.
  • Clean the roller after use with soap and water and let air dry.


Plastic neutrality


From the first application, these percentages of women report:


The Firmness Roller gives them a relaxing effect.*

After two weeks of use, these percentages of women report the following:


Their facial features look refreshed.*


Their facial contour skin is firmer.*


Their skin is plumped.*

*Consumer test – 78 women – 28 days. Results expressed as percentage of satisfaction.

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Firmness Roller


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