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June 21st, 2023

5 nutrition secrets for a healthy glow this summer

As soon as the sun comes out, the body is drawn to basking in the warm light, sometimes without worrying about the minor inconveniences that it can cause: dehydration, irritation, heavy legs and so on.

Don’t panic! By eating a healthy and balanced diet, you will prepare your body to fight against aggression and you’ll be able to go out into the sun without a care in the world. Put orange-peel skin and a dull complexion in the past! It’s time to discover our 5 nutrition secrets to make this summer a success for your skin, because, as we know, beauty begins on the inside.


Because our body is made up of 70% water, it needs to stay constantly hydrated. That’s even more important when temperatures creep higher. Moisture loss must be compensated for promptly and before you start feeling thirsty! Water, nothing but water, from morning to evening, in small quantities so that it is distributed around the body and doesn’t just “sit” in the stomach. Of course, you can pep it up with a sprig of mint, a slice of cucumber or a twist of lemon zest: go with the flow! Drink it cold but never ice-cold or hot, and why not try upping your intake with a herbal tea or a light coffee? How much should you drink in 24 hours? Around 2 litres, depending on your body type. How do you know how much you need? You should be going to the toilet at least 5 times a day!

We take a closer look

The tricks summer can play

Sugary and alcoholic drinks are like sponges. They absorb water from the body and trigger dehydration… just like concealed salt in effervescent tablets, Asian sauces, salted and smoked foods, anchovies, fermented vegetables, and so much more. You should also avoid consuming too much protein which draws on your body’s reserves: in fact, it takes 7 grammes of metabolic water to metabolise just 1 gramme of protein. Finally, go easy on sources of excess fat such as fried food and overly rich sauces, and sugar (chocolates, sweets, biscuits), and enjoy ice creams in moderation which, we’re sorry to say, are a combination of both !


Containing 85 to 97% water, the following are perfect additions to summer dishes: cucumbers, salads, aromatic herbs, watermelons and melons! And even though fruit does contain sugar, don’t worry, it’s nothing like the white sugar used in cooking or at the table: fruit sugar is safe for insulin and blood sugar levels. They are assimilated gradually and are gentle on the metabolism because they provide water and natural fibres. So, do yourself a favour and fill up on a wide variety of fruit. It’s easy: just alternate the colours!


The sun’s rays are more intense in summer and there are more hours of sunshine. When you dress lightly, your skin is also exposed to more UV… And our natural defence systems fire up to protect it! Give your body a helping hand by consuming natural antioxidants to help it capture free radicals. All plants, fruit and vegetables – as well as whole grains, tea, coffee and grape tannins – will help you fight your good fight. The more colourful they are, the more antioxidants they contain! So go for red and orange fruit, green, orange or yellow vegetables. Add a drizzle of vegetable oil to your medley of vibrant colours to help your body assimilate their goodness !


Extremely valuable for the body because they make up our cell membranes, omega-3 also keep the body healthy and the skin supple and well-nourished. But unfortunately, the Western diet is deficient in these fatty acids, and we should all be getting more of them! What’s the solution? Give yourself a tablespoon of rapeseed or flaxseed oil every day and add a weekly portion of oily fish (sardines, tuna, white mullet, salmon, trout or mackerel) to your diet. Omega-3 compensate for our body’s deficiency and keep the skin elastic.


This is a great idea if you’re struggling to get natural and varied products into your diet, or simply if you find it difficult to stick to a regular routine. Nutricosmetics are there to help you prepare your skin in complete peace of mind! After just a one-month programme, the natural renewal cycle in the epidermis will give you very good results. Just remember to start taking your food supplements early, so that your skin is ready when summer arrives.

By opting for foods rich in provitamin A, vitamin C and essential fatty acids, you can provide your skin with everything it needs to be stronger and more beautiful in the sunshine. And above all, remember the essential rule in nutrition: enjoy yourself! So, give in to the temptation of new taste experiences and take full advantage of all the flavours of summer.