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I like love to spa. Whether I’m vacationing in Bali, spending the weekend up north or in the comfort of my own surroundings I won’t skip out on an opportunity to sneak away for a little pampering. Spas are a dime a dozen, but finding an amazing spa worthy of your unwavering praise and commitment is like finding a needle in a haystack. After trying what seems like every spa in the GTA, there is one oasis that has me singing its praises to anyone who asks; Spa My Blend by Clarins. Located on the 5th floor of The Ritz Carlton in the heart of downtown Toronto, this spa captured my heart from the moment I stepped through it’s glass doors many years ago.

The only one of its kind in North America, Spa my Blend by Clarins is a unique luxury spa catering to a personalized experience from start to finish. The 23,000 square foot facility within The Ritz boasts 16 treatment rooms, two couples suites, the city’s most beautiful and airy lounge, and did I mention it’s one of only seven in the world!

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the amazing Spa My Blend team at The Ritz Carlton last week where I had the chance to sit down with some of the brightest and best in the business, including their incredible Spa Director Maggee Byrd. From details on my favourite treatments to tips on maximizing your spa visit to an exclusive interview with Maggee, I’m so excited to share with you guys a world class experience of luxury and exclusivity over this two-part blog feature!

Before I began my treatments Maggee and I headed down to DEQ Terrace and Lounge located on the main floor of The Ritz (side note – they offer an amazing Afternoon Tea here). We sank ourselves into the plush sofas by the fireplace where Maggee answered all my questions on Canada’s top spa.  Check out all the details here, only on Kiki Khosla!

What is your favourite treatment?

The My Blend facial! It’s all about customization and personalization. Everyone’s skin is different; some may experience redness while others have enlarged pores. This facial takes into consideration your lifestyle, diet, stress levels (etc). What I love about the My Blend concept is that it’s not just focusing on the type of skin you have, but what your skin needs at the time. You can get a My Blend facial now and come back in October or November (although I recommend a facial every month) to find you need a completely different My Blend facial.

We use essential formulas, which include five day and five night ones. They are all different according to your skin, and in addition to these essential formulas we have nine boosters. We recommend adding 1 or 2 boosters to the essential formulas to tailor the facial even more to what your skin needs. The technique we use and the movements Clarins developed for our treatments is just phenomenal and the results are amazing.

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