The perfect duo

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The effectiveness of tailor-made skincare

At La Maison myBlend, each treatment is personalised for optimal effectiveness and immediate visible results.  

Your tailor-made prescription

To create your perfect duo, mySkinDiag analyses your skin’s needs, then recommends two Superserums as part of your personalised routine.

The power of peptides

The Revitalizing Cream

Peptides are star active ingredients recognised for their effectiveness. They reactivate the natural mechanisms in the epidermis and act as a powerful anti-ageing agent by slowing down skin ageing. Boosted and protected, the skin is stronger, firmer and smoother.

Create your perfect duo 

1 Revitalizing product + 1 of our 7 Superserums 


Your online skin diagnosis

A high-tech tool developed by our experts to establish your personalised myBlend skincare ritual in just a few minutes.







Our commitments

Uncompromising high standards for respect of skin, people and the planet.

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Choose your perfect duo

myBlend invites you to test its perfect duo and will gift you 2 miniature Superserums when you purchase a Revitalizing Cream or Emulsion.* Find out more

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